Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Being an Aunty

Woof, Yaaaaaaaawn,
Sorry folks, I've been busy looking after the twins, Peaches and Patches again.  I have so much fun with them I can't imagine why I was so worried when my sister first asked me to look after them.  I didn't know what to give them to eat, what to do if they cried, how long they should sleep .... , I just had no experience.  But my Mistress helped and I soon got the hang of it.
Loved seeing lots of you in assemblies this week.  What fun we had keeping my Master awake and then hunting for Peaches.  Master woke up for long enough to tell us the Christmas story and it made me think that Mary must have been a bit nervous too when the angel told her that she would have a baby - and not just any old baby!  But she had God to help and he persuaded Joseph and the Innkeeper to help too.
Sadly we haven't got any more assemblies this year but Master and Mistress are going to be at lots of Christingles and Carol Services and I may come along too!
Hope to see you then,
Doggie Kisses

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Adventures with a ball and looking forward to Advent

Woof, woof.
Sorry I haven't blogged for such a long time.  Mistress still keeps going dizzy and hasn't felt like getting the computer ready for me.  We've  been on holiday and I had lots of fun chasing the waves in North Norfolk but I didn't see my friend the Labrador - you remember, the one who I was scared of because she was so big but turned out to be really kind and lots of fun.

I've also been having fun looking after my nephew and niece, Peaches and Patches.  One day I got a bit worried because the cat next door scratched Peaches on the nose and then later she jumped on Patches back!  I can tell you that I got a bit cross because I thought the cat was my friend but it seemed as though she just hated dogs like other cats do.
Then mistress said she had been investigating and found out that just before the cat scratched Peaches she had been hit on the head with the ball they were playing with.  Well that made sense.
Then mistress asked me what happened when the cat jumped on Patches' back.  I thought about it and remembered that the ball had gone out into the road, Patches was going to get it and then a car went past really fast.  She looked at me, and I looked at her.  Then it dawned on me that the cat was saving Patches from being run over!
Well, that made me think.  I had to go and say sorry to the cat for thinking unkind things about her ... and say thank you for saving Patches from a nasty accident.
I can tell you that the twins are much more careful now when they play ball and before they go across the road they always look Left, right, left to check for traffic.

Mistress is getting ready for Cafe 4U this week.  It's nearly Advent so we going to make a really amazing Advent Star Card.  Mistress has made one and it looks amazing!  Hope to see you there.

Doggie hugs
Sophie x

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Where did the Summer Holidays go?

Woof, woof and lots of doggie hellos

Where have I been, you may ask.  The Summer has gone so quickly and I've been running around looking after my master and mistress.

Mistress had a birthday with a nought on the end and so she decided that she would like a family party. That meant lot's of preparing as it was to be in the garden.  So I've been helping dig out the weeds, decide which flower pots to move and making the whole place spick and span and tidy.

She had a lovely party, even though it was the only dull and rainy day of August.  Of course I had great fun too with so many people to give me pats, treats and cuddles!

In the clearing out we found some old cracker jokes and I thought that you might like to read them, especially if you were a Starship Discovery Cadet.

Q What do you get if you cross a piece of bacon with a space ship?
A An unidentified frying object.

Q Why did the spaceman go to the optician?
A Because he had stars in his eyes.

Well must go now, master's gone to a wedding and mistress says she wants to use the computer - my paws are getting tired too!

doggy kisses

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Doctor Who and Aliens

Woof, woof
Doggy hello to everyone.  My mistress has been telling me all about Holiday Club Starship Discovery because I couldn't be there every day.  My niece and nephew, Peaches and Patches, are still too young to come and I was on Aunty duty!

But I think you must have had a lovely time, judging by all those pictures of Aliens that you've drawn for me.  They were very scary, I haven't let Peaches and Patches see them in case they get frightened.  I was certainly shaking in my basket when I saw some of them.

Lots of lovely jokes and pictures too.  What a talented lot you are.  I wish my paws had fingers so that I could draw pictures too.

My mistress has told me all about Doctor Who arriving every day with Edna the Cleaner.  I hope he's managed to get to the planet Zog now, he was certainly having trouble getting there during holiday club.  I heard that you made space aliens and space ships too - as well as water rockets to fire.  What great fun.

There have been lots of cats in the garden recently so I must go out and see if I can see them off.  I'll blog again soon.

Doggie hugs
Sophie x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hot and bothered

Woof, woof, everyone.

Sorry I've not blogged for a while.  I've been far too hot in all this hot weather.  It's alright for you humans, you can wear nice light clothes but I've just got my fur.  That's ok in the winter but just a doggy tad too warm in the Summer.  Fortunately my mistress doesn't like hot weather either so at least we haven't had to go for long hot walks!

So, what's been happening?  Well that new cat is starting to behave itself - only one lot of Mr Cramp's new rows of seeds have been dug up recently.  The cat next door has been coming by to have a drink out of the pond - I don't fancy that myself because the birds have been having a bath in it.  Fancy drinking bath water - doggy yeuk!

What else?  Well Andy had a fall out with Amanda because she fell off her bike in the park.  All his mates laughed at her and Andy laughed too.  She'd really hurt herself and damaged her bike and had to leave it in the park.  Andy felt a bit guilty afterwards.  When all his mates went home he took Amanda's bike back and got his dad to help him mend it.  Then he was brave enough to go round to Amanda's with the bike and say sorry.  He realised that he should have stuck up for her and helped her at the time.  I think she must have forgiven him because she wanted to give him a kiss to show that they were friends again.  Andy scarpered pretty quickly then!

Think that's all the news.  I'm looking forward to Holiday Club - only 9 more days to go!
Hope to see you there

doggy kisses

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fun on holiday

Woof, woof everyone,

I've just been on holiday with Mr and Mrs Cramp.  We went to Sheringham in North Norfolk - I'm glad it wasn't a long journey because I'm not very good in cars.

We had great fun traveling on the steam railway.  I like trains, I can run up and down or have a sleep on the seat.  Lots of things for me to sniff too.

The best bits were lots of walks on the beach.  The sand was all scrunchy under my paws.   The sea couldn't make up it's mind because it kept going in and going out - and I had great fun barking at the waves.   Woof, woof!
Here is a picture of the beach when the tide was out.  Lots of lovely sand and little waves to play in!  Woof!

 But best of all was that I made a new friend.  I was a bit nervous at first because it was a big dog with huge paws.  But Mrs Cramp said I should be brave and go up and say hello. 

I did!  And I found out that chocolate Labradors are really soppy and great fun.  Size didn't matter as we ran up and down the beach, in and out of the waves, down into holes, and really fast after the seagulls!  But we didn't catch any, they flew away too quickly. Heavy doggie sigh!

Now we're home and I'm really tired after all that running around.  So I won't be in assembly this week with Mr and Mrs Cramp.  I'll miss you all but I do need my sleep!

Doggie thoughts until I see you next.
Sophie xx

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sophie is a Star

Woof. woof, everyone

I've been having a lovely time.  To start with Peaches and Patches came to stay and they had a great time playing in the garden.  They wanted to smell all the plants and pick strawberries to eat.  We had a great time playing 'Hide and Seek' and they loved hearing the story of how Peaches and Patches Goldilocks went to visit the Three Bears

Then I had a lovely time at Cafe where I got lots of cuddles from the children and had a tasty bacon sandwich.
Everyone made a really great door hanger.  Sue made mine before we started so the children knew what to do.  Mine said 'Sophie is a Star'  which is, of course, exactly right!

Here is a picture of my craft.

I coloured the letters myself but let Sue tie the tricky bows and all the sticky glue bits as I don't like glue in my fur. It's really fun to make and you can hang it in your room or on your door afterwards.

Doggie hugs everyone
Sophie xx

Sue:  The craft is very easy.  We used a foam star, a card one would work too, and punched holes in three of the points then decorated with sticky shapes.  We used the Clarity Stamp Letter Box kit to stamp the letters onto card and then coloured them in.  We punched a hole in the top and tied to the star.
The theme of the morning was that we are all special and loved by God.